On Shift we showcase the work being done in the province’s innovation ecosystem in everything from health to clean energy.

Join me as I interview the researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and service providers that are shifting our perspective about innovation in Alberta and beyond.

Unleashing the Power of Innovation and Ecosystems


In the heart of Alberta, captivating stories unfold, showcasing groundbreaking technological advancements that will shape our lives and transform the world. These remarkable narratives deserve to take center stage. Innovation isn’t solely about monumental leaps; it’s about subtle shifts that enhance our work and elevate our way of life. It’s the act of casting pebbles into the water, creating ripples that ripple, ultimately converging into something grander. Just when you thought you knew everything about Alberta and Alberta Innovates, get ready for a shift.

Jon Hagan

Jon Hagan


Season 5, episode 6

Delving into support at Inventures 2024. This episode features Dr. Tonya Wolfe on a unique activation called the Resource Roundup for entrepreneurs 

Season 5, Episode 6  |   14:55


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